Create Your Own Backyard Herbal Tea Garden!

Learn to create and enjoy delicious, healthy, calming and refreshing herbal teas from your own backyard garden!

Here are a few reasons to grow your own herbs and especially herbs for tea...


They are EASY to grow! Most are perennial and will come back year after year. Once you've sipped a cup of herbal tea brewed from your own fresh herbs you'll never go back to store bought bags, saving you money.


Herbs can easily be grown in containers for limited space. Herbs can be "tucked in " among other plants and vegetables. Herbs attract beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden.

My name is Karen Creel, a certified garden coach and the owner of Gardenchick. While teaching gardeners over the years to grow their own thriving vegetable gardens I found that most people are not growing herbs, or just not using the ones they grow.


I've teamed up with my friend Ivana Patterson "the herb lady" and owner of Lavender N Rust Herb Farm. Ivana has been growing and selling herbs for years. She has taught herb classes on gardening, cooking with herbs, and creating herbal teas for years. Together, we've designed an easy to follow plan to grow your own fresh, healthy, and delicious herbal teas!

We put all the information together in a downloadable and printable workbook where you will receive:

Growing Directions

Clear, easy to follow directions on growing common herbs such as lavender, mints, chamomile, and many more. You will learn the best location for your garden, growing conditions, and how to maintain your herbal tea garden.


Information on how to harvest and use your herbs fresh, or dry for future use.

Container Gardening

Guidance on growing your herbs in containers, and provide a plan to add an herbal tea garden to your landscape.

Recipes & Crafts

Herbal Tea Recipes and instructions for making several tea themed crafts.

If you are ready to start growing your own fresh herbal teas and would like to a step-by-step guide, this workbook is for you. Sign up below to be notified when the workbook is available and receive a free herbal tea and lavender cookie recipe. We look forward to teaching you the ins and outs of a perfect, homegrown herbal tea.


Happy Gardening
Karen and Ivana

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