The No-Fuss Vegetable Garden

Finally, a simple plan, designed for busy families who want to grow their own fresh organic vegetables!

Let Me Guess...

Busy Schedule

With your busy schedule - how can you possibly fit a garden into your limited time?

No Garden Space

You live in an apartment or have a small suburban lot - can you still grow a vegetable garden?

Can't Figure it Out

You are still confused about how to grow a garden, even after hours of googling and watching YouTube videos.

Hi, I’m Karen, and I am here to tell you YES CAN GROW A GARDEN! It’s not surprising the number of people wanting to garden is on the rise. A recent pandemic, rising food cost, supply chain issues, and recent food recalls has resulted in an explosion of “Grow Your Own” family gardens.

But how do YOU take this dream and turn it into reality?   You don’t need to have more information to get started gardening.  You just need a simple plan, designed for busy people  who want to grow their own fresh organic vegetables that fits with their schedule.  


Using my 35+ years of growing my own backyard vegetable garden and teaching hundreds of students locally how to grow theirs, I’ll guide you through the steps of growing a thriving vegetable garden that doesn’t take hours of your time, and help your go from confused to confident.

But don’t take my word for it….here’s what some of my clients have said!

Maggie says...

I heard about Karen on Facebook when I was looking for help with my garden. From the minute I reached out to her I haven't regretted it!  She is kind, knowledgeable, and the friend you need to remind you to just take it one step at a time. It can be overwhelming trying out how to garden well. 

Karen has been a big help to me and is a great sounding board. I definitely recommend working with Karen!

Michelle says...

What an incredible service! I've had raised beds for years and never realized how much more I could enjoy them.  Karen showed me the perfect placement for capturing the proper sun while taking into consideration both convenience and esthetics.

Karen literally took all the "chore out of gardening". I can't begin to imagine the hours of work she's saved me!

What you will receive in the
No Fuss Vegetable Garden Online Course

This Six Module Course gives you the information you need to grow a successful garden.

This self paced course will show you how to lay a good foundation for your garden.

Module 1:
Create Healthy Soil

Start your garden right. Healthy soil is the foundation of a thriving, healthy garden. Dig in and set your garden up to thrive by applying the best practices for creating and maintaining a healthy soil.

Module 2:
Choose the Best Location for Your Garden

Now that your soil is prepared, choose where to place your garden. Learn how to choose the perfect spot for your healthiest vegetables.

Module 3:
Garden With The Seasons

It's time to plant! Once you determine what season you are in, you will plant seeds and seedlings for the vegetables that grow best.

Module 4:
Plant Profiles

Have success growing the foods you love to eat by understanding growing, maintenance, and harvesting requirements. This resources helps you choose what to plant in your area. It includes information on the most common garden vegetables.

Module 5:
Create a Garden Planting Plan

Create a plan that ensures a continuous supply of fresh vegetables throughout the gardening season.

Module 6:
Garden Maintenance

The garden has been planted, what’s next? Learn to “tend” your garden: topics include watering, mulching, pest management, fertilization, and harvesting.


Once you purchase the course, you will have immediate access to the online modules and dowloadable lessons.  Take a minute to look them over and get started on the fundamentals of growing a vegetable garden. 

But, you won’t be growing alone! I will be right there, growing alongside you with:

*  Monthly Coaching videos delivered right to your email box. Each video will provide you with garden growing tips that are important to monthly planting and maintenance chores for your garden that month. 

* Monthly Q&A via Zoom where you can ask any questions during the growing season.


A 1:1 Virtual coaching session with me that you will schedule anytime during the growing season.


Gardening Community

In the No Fuss Gardening Facebook Group, you will join a group of like-minded gardening friends.

Here you can find support and encouragement through your gardening journey!

Still have questions? Send any questions you have to me by clicking the button below.

Are you ready to garden?

I’ve done all the hard work for you!

All you have to do is enjoy fresh organic vegetables from your own backyard.  

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